Let’s Figure Out How To Podcast – Figuring It Out with Cian and Nick

As they figure out this whole podcasting thing, Cian gets back into Call of Duty (13:55), Nick misses Chili’s (51:32), and Final Fantasy VII Remake (8:00) is discussed in the very first episode of Figuring It Out with Cian and Nick, the Podcast. 

Also discussed: 

  • Animal Crossing (2:55) 
  • Death Stranding (11:00) 
  • Destiny 2 (25:00)
  • Tabletop Simulator (29:35) 
  • Control (35:09) 
  • Our Video Game Backlogs (43:10) 
  • Canceling Our 2020 Travel Plans (47:20) 
  • What We’re Binge Watching (57:18) 
  • Wrestlemania (1:00:00) 
  • Cian’s Working on an EP! (1:09:35) 
  • Rock Band & Rocksmith (1:11:00) 
  • Cian’s Song Pick of the Week (1:22:00) 

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Intro Music: “Good God” by Wowa

Outro Music: “Shock of Daylight” by KOSU

Episode 1 of Figuring It Out was recorded on April 13th, 2020. This episode was mixed and edited by Cian Rice. 

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